Friend! Many people try to escape from fear. They pretend to themselves that there are no difficulties. They might even persuade other people that there is none. But we cannot escape from fear in these ways.

Napoleon Bonaparte lived from 1769-1821. He was a famous soldier and ruler. There is a story about him. It was when he had a serious problem with his army. He would plan on paper how to move his army. He used soldiers and arms that he knew did not exist. His captains reminded him of the facts. The soldiers and arms were not there. Napoleon said to them: ‘Do you want to rob me of my peace?’

We do not want that kind of peace. That is just trying to escape from reality. In the end, it leads to even more despair and pain. Read Numbers 14:7-8. Caleb reported the facts. He did not avoid the problems. He did not pretend that the Giants did not exist. It was the way that he gave the facts, what was different. The other men saw only the difficulties of the Promised Land. They were depressed about them all. (Read Numbers 13:31-33.) But, Caleb reported about the good things too. He reminded the people of God’s power. This rule is a way to attack fear.

Yes! Problems and difficulties may be there, but as children of God, we will not fear! Why? God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy. !:7). We will not fear because God is on our side. We will not fear because fear is activated by the devil. We will not fear because faith is God's source of power, and we operate in faith.

Yes! Jesus is all powerful to calm down every storm. Take heart! He is beside you.