Friend! How do you know that a car is a car? There are certain characteristics about a car that make it unique. These are the things that help you recognize a car. For example, you notice that it has four wheels, side mirrors, windows or an engine. These things make a car different than a horse, or a house.

How you know a car is a car is a lot like the Bible verse found in John 13:35 where Jesus says, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Yes! There are certain things that define us as Children of God. One of those things is love. As followers of Christ, we should be loving to each other, not tearing others down. Love is a characteristic that should define us.

Love shows up in many areas of our lives. How do we treat our dad and mom? What do we do about the old lady down the street that needs help bringing in her groceries? These things are all examples of showing love to others. Love should be a trademark for us.

Examine your life today. Are you letting God’s love shine through you? Are you open and ready for opportunities to love others? If you’re not, simply make any necessary adjustments in your life and let God’s love flow through you to those around you.