What is UTurn?

UTurn Is A Lifestyle That Makes Young People Find Real Happiness And Real Power Through God Who Makes Them Shine In Their Life.

To guide young people to walk hand in hand with Jesus, shining like stars in their life.


  • Connecting with the youth
  • Caring for the youth
  • Training the youth
  • Empowering the youth


In the UTurn lifestyle...



What we do?

We work with young people of ages 13-30 in the following ways.
Through the UTurn Clubs, we hangout with our Uturn community in various cities, nurturing them to tackle their life’s problems and mentoring them to help others.
Through UTurn Events throughout India, we invite many young people to join our community and experience our lifestyle with us.
Through Buddy Groups, we mentor young “Buddies” to learn and practice the Uturn lifestyle.
Through our TV & Social Media programs, Blogs and Music, we teach and encourage young people to beat their issues and struggles in a practical way.
We hope to see a generation of youth who will be happy and powerful individuals in the nation fulfilling their life’s purpose.

Join us today in this journey! 

UTurn Leaders

Samuel Dhinakaran is an anointed man of God ministering among the youth of India and around the world. He has completely dedicated his life to serving God and His people. Over the past years, Samuel has come a long way ministering alongside his family, displaying his gifts and talents for the glory of God. During his early days, he ministered to little children and elevated to nurture young minds during his teenage. Undeterred from God’s ministry he pursued his B.Tech in India and an MBA from the University of Texas. He currently serves as the associate president-youth in the world renowned global ministry Jesus Calls which has prayer towers in 12 countries. He is the leader of UTurn, a youth ministry that aims to inculcate a holy and blameless lifestyle that glorifies God by adhering to His word and being anointed by the Holy Spirit according to Philippians 2:15. Hundreds and thousands of people gather for his meetings to receive comfort, healing and deliverance. Over 80,000 youngsters thronged to hear the Word of God Shared by Bro. Samuel, at Gujarat. Samuel has delivered the comforting Word of God to a gathering of over 400,000 people in a meeting held in Rourkela, Odisha. His meetings draw an average crowd of 100,000 people and 4000 youth. He is a worship leader, preacher, prayer intercessor and an administrator. Several of his music albums in various languages have been an all-time favourite to many people around the world. Samuel Dhinakaran is widely known to the world through television ministry as he has been consistent on Television ever since an early age of 4. His unwavering involvement in God’s ministry since his childhood has gained a great reputation among millions of people. He continues his vision of drawing young people to the love of God through crusades, campaigns, television ministry and social media. Just as his father and Grandfather, Samuel Dhinakaran precedes his ministry tirelessly with great self-sacrifices. His challenge to young people is that they can live a holy life dedicated to God and taste real happiness and power to excel to their heights in their life's purpose.

You may write to Samuel Dhinakaran for your prayer needs: [email protected]

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Stella Ramola is a contemporary Christian singer, songwriter, TV show host, and digital content creator. She creates music, videos, and blogs for young people to enjoy God’s love, find purpose and hang on to hope in the darkest times. Today, through social media and live events, she reaches over 300,000 people.

Stella was born and raised in Chennai, India, where she grew up in front of the camera. She is a great storyteller bringing smiles to young hearts of all ages. Her game show, “Do You Know Your Bible?" aired on all regional television networks in Tamil Nadu, current streaming platforms, and online. This game show ran for 2 seasons and 21 episodes, leading the audience to play the same game at home with the infamous “Do You Know Your Bible?” card game.

When Stella’s new music drops, it’s usually the talk of the town as she integrates Indian culture with several genres. She released 5 albums with 10 million plays. Her first album release was at the age of 7 starting with Jesus Loves Me, Love Lifted Me, Heaven In My Heart, Velichem Thedi to her latest “Journey”. With her team of creative professionals, she is constantly pushing boundaries and challenging the way Christian music is made. Her fans love her for it and look up to her to represent Jesus in spite of the hurdles placed for a young woman in India. Stella has been featured in Rolling Stone, Faithfully Magazine, Voyage Dallas, and other popular magazines for her graceful grit to make meaningful music that touches the soul, heals the heart, and expands the mind.

In 2016, she went on a four-city tour in India, singing well-known Christian and gospel songs, encouraging young people to let loose, dance, and praise God in those concerts. She shared her testimony to over 2000 young people each night. She expressed that everyone has a unique purpose on this earth, and through the Holy Spirit, they can live out God’s plan no matter what struggles they go through. Because of her passion for music and marketing, Stella graduated with a bachelor of science in music business and a master of science in digital marketing from Full Sail University and serves full-time at Jesus Calls and UTurn.

In 2019, she created a YouTube channel, naming it the same as her highly interactive Instagram page - “Stellazlife.” In her spare time, she vlogs about her daily life. Her fun personality takes the viewers through her downtime doing devotionals, getting ready, spotting unique eats during her travels, and more importantly, being real on and off-camera. Her subscribers of more than 92,000 connect with her and share her love in getting closer to God through her blogs written on her personal site.

You may write to Stella Ramola Dhinakaran for your prayer needs: [email protected]

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