UTurn Facet
Our heart breaks to see the youngsters turned down in life because of their insecurities, loneliness, addictions, peer pressure and more of such challenges. We have a great burden to reach the youth of India and show them who Jesus is. UTurn Ministry reaches the youth through various channels such as Special Events, Television Programs, UTurn Clubs and Social Media that they could abide with Jesus, following His footsteps. You can join the mission toward the transformation of the youth. As you come forward and render a helping hand to see the youngsters transformed into the image of Christ and bring hope and joy to their lives the Lord will bless you according to His promise from Leviticus 26:5 “Your threshing will continue until grape harvest and the grape harvest will continue until planting, and you will eat all the food you want and live in safety in your land.” All your support in reaching these young hearts will bring you all the provision and bring God's protection to enjoy His blessings upon you.

Young Partner Plan
The Young Partners Plan (YPP) is one of the excellent God-given plans of the ‘Jesus Calls’ ministry with a specific mission in the heart. This plan was instituted on the 25th of July 1985 with the sole purpose of reaching out to young people all over the world to cover them with prayers (24 x 7) for Wisdom, Protection & Prosperity. Since the inception of the Young Partners Plan, the Dhinakarans and all the Prayer intercessors have been praying for the young partners, every single day. Today there are over 800,000 lakh Young Partners who are being blessed through our fervent prayers. The Lord has promised that the Young Partners will receive divine protection from the evils of this world (John 17:15), wisdom to shine in their studies (Isaiah 54:13) and prosperity to enable them to flourish in their life (Psalm 115:14)